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An interview with Michael Braunstein, Founder of Omaha's Heartland Healing Center and the energy behind this site, (disclaimer)

Hi Michael, Thanks for taking time to share your knowledge and insights on the health scene in Omaha.

1) When I do an online search starting with 'Omaha', the first phrase Google suggests is often "Omaha Steaks." Many people around the country may think of Omaha, as well as all of Nebraska and Iowa, as 'meat and potato' country.

Are many options available for vegans or people who want to eat fresh, healthy and perhaps organic whole foods?

Steaks are certainly big in Omaha, for sure. And you're right to ask about dining and shopping options that are available for vegans and vegetarians, people who want to eat natural foods because there are plenty of those, too.

During the growing season which is surprisingly long (folks are still harvesting cold-weather, fresh vegetables like cabbage, broccoli and kale in mid-November), there are a number of active and flourishing Farmers Markets. Also, Omaha has its share of natural food stores and restaurants where vegetarian and vegan entrees are on the menu. What's even more impressive though is the availability of local farmers who can provide year-round options, including meats.

The Midwest is blessed with ample open spaces and even some of the most valuable native prairie. Pasture-raised, grass-finished beef and lamb, chickens, eggs and all natural pork are in ready supply and, direct from the farmer. There are even local bison ranches with grass-fed bison available. One link to check out would be the folks at

2) I've noticed that Nebraska often ranks highly in Gallup's annual Well-Being Index poll. That was a pleasant surprise.

When you're at farmers markets or health food stores... and in your conversations with chiropractors, acupuncturists and other integrative health care providers... is there as much health awareness and support for natural wellness providers in the community?

As with most of the country, Omaha and our sister city across the Missouri River in Iowa, Council Bluffs, have grown community support for all things holistic over the past couple of decades.

Twenty-five years ago when we first founded our 501-c-3 non-profit,, our goal was to make sure the folks in Omaha knew exactly how strong the holistic and natural health community is here. We did Public Access TV, published hard copy magazines and annual directories for the alternative healing arts.

Eventually we migrated to strictly online presence and continue to build websites for practitioners in order to get the word out about alternative medicine, holistic therapies, healing ourselves and the planet.

3) A while back, I read about efforts to provide fresh garden greens to Omaha by upstart greenhouse and hydroponic growers. It would be wonderful to be able to eat freshly-picked vegetables in Winter.

And I've really gotten a kick out of following the success of that older gentleman in Western Nebraska who grows bananas and oranges in his greenhouse -- with almost no conventional energy consumption!

Any word on how these fresh, healthy food ventures are working out?

Actually, part of eating local is eating in season, too. It's nice to have greens during the off-season and there are some growers who use hoop-houses to extend the season up through January. But the fact is, we should be eating root vegetables and heartier crops in the winter months. Those over-winter just fine with little care in a cool, dark pantry or root cellar.

Winter is where our healthier meats play a role, too. Eating in season is as important as eating local.

4) If someone wants to learn more about healthy living tips and resources (especially pertaining to Omaha), where can they find additional information? has a blog site with articles that are up-to-date with new information all the time.

We also have a library of articles ranging from interviews with musical greats like Donovan, artists like Alex Grey and about every kind of holistic therapy you can think of.

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